Essential Oils


Since the dawn of time, dozens of medicinal plants with recognized therapeutic virtues have grown on the estate. The “Mascos”, healers of the region, used to survey the dozens of hectares of the domain in search of the best remedies.

Sophie Mestdagh has decided to continue this tradition.


The domain is distinguished by the number of plants that grow on it. More than fifty have been listed. Before discovering the beneficial properties of some of them in our range of treatments, you can discover them during a visit to the estate.

The arbutus, a shrub with anti-inflammatory properties; the Aleppo pine and its pine nuts; the rosemary and thyme whose essential oils are an interesting basis for cosmetics or the almond tree, which is softening, moisturizing and healing by nature, just like the pistachio tree; the emollient false holly fragon; the stimulating and antiseptic savory like the immortelle without forgetting the traditional calming and disinfecting lavender, the fortifying madder and of course the particularly hydrating and soothing borage.

L’immortelle ou helichrysum italicum
Le lavandin