Organic agriculture

On a classified site, in such an exceptional and preserved nature, organic farming is of course a matter of course, but we wanted to approach it in a reasoned way, without dogmatism, with the principle of privileging the respect of the soil and our environment. Also the certification arrived gradually, and its claim remains discreet in our communication.

A deep respect for the place

 Today all treatments are made with products of natural origin, as required by the specifications, but beyond that we follow a parcel logic where everything is decided on a case-by-case basis. Amendments (also based on natural products, composted or not); soil work – most often reduced to its simplest expression, the passage of interceps tools; irrigation; sowing; manual work, from pruning to disbudding, including trellising and trimming; everything is decided plot by plot, according to analyses of the soil, the plant, the grape juice, the weather and the desired wines.

Thus, “the first rule is that there are no rules”, except for patient observation, and the choice to intervene as little as possible in order not to disturb the natural balance.