Cuvée Essentielle

The wine of fruit and greed, the distinctive freshness and finesse of Masques immediately accessible. A blend dominated by Syrah for the red, Chardonnay for the white and Grenache for the rosé. Pure pleasure for every moment of tasting.

  • Essentielle Essentielle Rosé

    An "all-terrain" rosé, its blend allows it to be as comfortable as an aperitif as it is with a wide variety of dishes. Indeed, it is already a terroir rosé, complex, mineral and slightly structured, with a great digestibility.
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    Essentielle Rosé
  • Essentielle Essentielle Chardonnay

    Very fresh, full, greedy and nevertheless perfectly dry and subtly lemony, this mountain white highlights our typicality. It will accompany you from the aperitif to goat cheese, including shellfish and fish simply grilled.
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    Essentielle Chardonnay
  • Essentielle Essentielle Syrah

    Gourmet, with velvety tannins and refreshing freshness, this early red wine gives pride of place to the floral and fruity aromas of our high-altitude Syrah. It is a perfect accompaniment to grilled meats, pizzas and mezzés.
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    Essentielle Syrah